A Night in the Life of Floyd Mayweather

Michael Kaplan | April 24, 2015 | The Latest Mayweather VS. Pacquiao Latest

Where does boxer Floyd Mayweather hang out when in Las Vegas? We check out a few of his favorite spots...

1 - A Night in the Life of Floyd Mayweather
One of Mayweather's go-to spots is nightclub XS

When Floyd Mayweather says that he wants to go out, he does not exactly mean that he desires a quiet night at his corner tavern. No. He rolls large and deep. More than likely, Mayweather will be loading his fleet of luxury automobiles with members of The Money Team and convoying to a hot nightclub where the beats are heavy, the women are beautiful, and good times never seem to stop. Here are a few examples of Mayweather’s nightlife prowess.

Hyde and Seek

On the night of February 24, Floyd Mayweather celebrated his 38th birthday at the Las Vegas club Hyde. He had his crew in tow, the ladies looked sweet and DJ Konflikt cued up “The Champ is Here” for his entrance. As Mayweather walked through the club, confetti rained down from the ceiling. There’s no telling how big the bar tab might have been for this annual bacchanal, but the birthday boy did not taste a drop. He stuck to Coca Cola–not only because he was training for a fight but also because one of the biggest nightclub spenders in Vegas does not drink alcohol.

Turn it Up to 11

The work-hard/play-hard ethos exists on the road as well as well as at home. During a trip to Miami earlier this year, Mayweather and his posse hit the 24/7 strip-club/nightclub/restaurant E11even. The sound system there is so good that top name DJs have been known to step in and do gratis sets after their paying gigs end. Mayweather obviously appreciated the noise (or, at least, the girls). He rolled in with a backpack containing some $100,000 in singles and proceeded to make it rain. The storm of greenbacks did not go unappreciated.

Forward Thinking

Maybe Mayweather knew something that everybody else didn’t. Back in 2009, after Manny Pacquiao beat Miguel Cotto at MGM Grand, Mayweather and his group hightailed it to the great nightspot XS to celebrate the Filipino welterweight’s win. An impending match-up promised a big payday for Mayweather back then, though he may not have been able to guess that his square-off against Pacquiao would be six years in the making. Among his tablemates that night: P. Diddy and the rapper Fat Joe.