Q&A: Hollywood Stylist Chaz Dean

| February 6, 2013 | Homepage Latest The Latest

1 - Q&A: Hollywood Stylist Chaz Dean

On May 1, 1993, stylist Chaz Dean opened his first salon, and made waves in the styling industry by bidding farewell to shampoo. Instead, Dean debuted WEN, a natural line of hair-care products using botanical-based cleansing conditioners to prevent damage and allow hair to retain its natural texture and shine. Now on the brink of the salon’s 20th anniversary, Dean is known throughout Hollywood as an expert celebrity stylist, QVC consultant, and overall proponent of healthy hair. We caught up with Dean to chat about recent red-carpet looks and how to get picture-perfect hair at home.

What are some major trends you’re seeing on the red carpet right now?
CHAZ DEAN: Especially between the Golden Globes and the SAGs, [I noticed] a lot of the old flapper style, with heavy side-parted waves, but with a more modern twist to it. The glamour element is back and I like that. I’m so grateful that long, straight hair has had its course, and it’s time to see more texture because I like texture, I think it’s great and everyone should be unique.

How can you get those red carpet-ready waves at home?
CD: I’m the guy who’s known for the healthier way of doing it, so I generally suggest sponge rollers. It doesn’t take that burst of heat to create different shapes in your hair. You can braid your hair and take it down and it has all those soft waves. If you’re looking for volume, apply mousse to your hair when it’s soaking wet and then style it—it will give you the shine, the body, and the hold, which is exactly what you need for that style.

What celebrity style icon would you like to work with?
CD: Charlize Theron—to me she is the epitome of that classic beauty, she has that Grace Kelly feel to her. The other one would be Jennifer Lawrence, I think it would be fun to play up different looks for her. She’s kind of finding her way into it, but she’s not quite a style icon as far as 'out of the box' yet.

What’s an easy fix for a bad-hair day?
CD: Apply a styling cream and/or mousse to your hair, twist it, put it in a high, loose bun, and at the end of the day just drop that bun and you have beautiful, soft, bouncy waves, and you didn’t have to do anything.

Tell us more about WEN products.
CD: Everyone deserves to have beautiful, healthy, shiny hair. WEN is as simple as giving up the lather and cleansing your hair in a gentle way with natural botanicals, oils, and extracts. Cleansing conditioners can and will change your life, though it is key that you cleanse, rinse, and repeat, just like you shampoo and condition. It’s the same two steps that you’ve used your whole life.

What’s new for WEN?
CD: On March 2, we’re launching our polishing glossing serum, which is my answer to people not getting Brazilian blowouts anymore. Apply between two and four pumps of our polishing glossing serum to wet hair, and it blows out like silk, like butter, but then when you wash your hair again, you have your own texture back. And we’re launching a pet’s line. It actually treats their skin and their fur so they not only smell amazing, but their coats don’t dry out, because it doesn’t have the chemicals in it. I’m hoping for March 2, because I have three labs, Hunter, Spencer and Ella, all from the same litter, and that’s their birthday.