Healthy Menu Unveiled at zinc@shade

| January 11, 2013 | Homepage Latest The Latest

1 - Healthy Menu Unveiled at zinc@shade
zinc@shade's new healthy selections include a spin on fast food burgers, dubbed the Little Dev.

Stick to your New Year’s resolution this weekend at Manhattan Beach’s Shade Hotel, where they’ve recently introduced a brand-new healthy menu at their in-house restaurant, zinc. Crafted by The Biggest Loser celebrity chef Devin Alexander and dubbed Devinly Decadent Selections, each item on the specialty menu comes in at under 500 calories. Accompanying cocktails are less than 200 calories, and options will vary weekly.

Rev up your breakfast with an indulgent banana split topped with freshly ground peanut butter, non-fat vanilla yogurt, a crunchy high-fiber cereal, and a sprinkle of chocolate syrup on top. For a more savory morning treat, try the goat cheese and herb omelet served alongside fresh berries, or one of chef Devin’s signature Devinly Delites muffins. Lunch options are equally tantalizing, comprising a buffalo chicken salad drizzled with house-made blue cheese dressing, or the Little Dev, a playful spin on the popular double-decker burger that boasts two lean grass-fed beef patties sandwiched between three bun halves and a healthier version of the requisite special sauce.

Healthier dinner items include crab cakes with lemon caper dipping sauce and seasoned sweet potato “chips,” and a riff on potato skins, sweet potato rounds with wholesome stand-ins like low-fat cheddar, turkey bacon bits, green onions, and non-fat Greek yogurt. Whenever you stop by, pair your meal with cocktails like the Sparkly Greyhound, featuring Ketel One vodka, freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice, and grapefruit sparkling water. Call for reservations. 1221 N. Valley Dr., Manhattan Beach, 310-546-4995