Get Glowing: Sunless Tanning Salons

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1 - Get Glowing: Sunless Tanning Salons
Jenni Blafer of Sunkissed by Jenni

A sun-kissed glow is essential for most actresses walking an awards show red carpet. With the 2012 Golden Globes just days away, Hollywood’s leading ladies are opting out of the skin-damaging sun in favor of personalized spray tans. Here are three great sunless tanning spots for those on (and off) the red carpet.

Sunkissed by Jenni
Famous for her airbrush tanning technique, Jenni Blafer specializes in bronze contouring with a slimming effect. To define and enhance muscle tone, she sprays an all-natural, antioxidant-rich formula in all the right places. Blafer, whose client list includes Britney Spears, Julianne Hough and Jamie Lynn Sigler, also makes house calls. 1901 Westbourne Dr., West Hollywood, 310-650-3585;

Lavish Tan at Equinox West Hollywood
In addition to their popular Venice Beach location, Lavish Tan co-owners Kelsey Jones and Alexandra Dexter recently opened a tranquil spray-tan spa in Equinox West Hollywood. The two California-bred blonds tailor each tan to fit your desired darkened tone with an organic, brown-sugar based solution that is derived from apples. Customizable fresh scent formulas and shimmer drops for subtle sparkle are must-have options. 8590 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 310-528-4146;

Chocolate Sun Santa Monica
Located in a beachy bungalow just blocks from the ocean, Chocolate Sun Santa Monica uses its organic sunless tanning products to create a perfect mixture for every skin tone. Ideal for sensitive skin, the formula is organically made with vitamins, herbs and botanicals (including cocoa) and finished with SPF 30 and essential oils. 147 Bay St., Santa Monica, 310-450-3075;