Fitness Find: SoulCycle Takes LA by Storm

| December 19, 2011 | Homepage Latest The Latest

1 - Fitness Find: SoulCycle Takes LA by Storm

In the wake of SoulCycle’s recent partnership with Equinox—and its plans to open two brand-new locations in LA in the New Year—we catch up with founders Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler to find out what lies at the heart of its unwavering success.

What helped you make the decision to create a partnership with Equinox?
Equinox and SoulCycle share the same philosophy: Providing a premier customer experience and promoting a healthy lifestyle. We’ve long admired what Equinox is doing and look forward to working with them as we grow SoulCycle’s footprint. We are confident that combining the SoulCycle brand with Equinox’s resources will provide us with the opportunity to bring [our] innovative programming faster to a larger number of people around the country.

SoulCycle has become such a recognized brand—and one that continues to evolve. What are your ultimate goals for it?
We created SoulCycle because we were looking for a fun and effective cardio workout with a mind/body connection. We took the traditional indoor cycling workout and evolved it into a full-body cardio party on the bike. Today, we want to bring our incredible fitness community to several cities across the US and abroad. As we scale the business, we will continue to ensure a consistent, personalized experience for our riders and stay true to our core customer service values as we grow. Our customers can expect the same great experiences they’ve had since day one… an amazing workout, killer music and an amazing 45-minute mind/body workout on the bike.

What are your thoughts on the expansion to LA and how does the city fit with the SoulCycle philosophy?
It’s funny because in a lot of ways SoulCycle was born in Los Angeles. I learned to ride at studios in Los Angeles and am thrilled to come full circle and bring SoulCycle to LA. We understand that LA residents take fitness very seriously. In LA, fitness is a way of life. We think LA residents will embrace the SoulCycle workout and lifestyle with open arms.

What locations will open first and when?
The first SoulCycle Los Angeles location will open toward the end of January in West Hollywood. We will then open in Brentwood in May.

What has been the key to Soul’s success so far?
When we started SoulCycle, we worked the front desk, got to know each rider personally, knew how many towels they needed during class, what temperature they liked their water. That personalized service has not changed and will not change as we grow. Knowing and caring for each rider has been the true key to our success. SoulCycle is a community of riders supporting each other both in and outside the class. We are accountable to each other and help each other get up that hill, sprint that downhill and dance to the music. We are amazed by our fitness community and are thankful for their continued support.