Alec Monopoly Exhibit at LAB ART

| March 25, 2013 | Homepage Latest The Latest

While his true identity remains a mystery, the street artist who goes by the moniker Alec Monopoly is praised among collectors as one of the predominant artists in his genre. In fact, Monopoly’s works are so striking that his latest show “Park Place” marks the first time that LAB ART has dedicated its entire space to one artist. The premiere gallery for street art has even transformed their exterior into a large-scale Monopoly board to further showcase the artist.

“Park Place” features several mixed-media representations of the Monopoly Man—including one where he is dressed as Mickey Mouse—in addition to bright interpretations of other wealthy pop-culture figures like Richie Rich. Perhaps most intriguing, though, are Monopoly’s more visceral interpretations of celebrity icons like Jack Nicholson and Michael Jackson, or his bright designs painted atop Richard Corman’s photographs of Madonna.

Currently based out of Los Angeles, Monopoly’s art plays with our conceptions of wealth and popular culture, using multi-media presentations to elicit a response from the viewer. His work is often displayed at LAB ART, one of the few galleries in the nation that strives to emphasize street art. Although the exhibit closes April 11, Monopoly’s works are for sale and selling out quickly, so we suggest stopping by soon. 217 S. La Brea Ave., 323-933-1021