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March 13, 2012 | by —anna ben yehuda | Pursuits

Known for its attention to detail, high-profile clients, and ultimate discretion, private jet company Elite Aviation recently launched Elite Attaché, a program that provides guests with even more amenities and attention. We spoke with president and CEO Chris Holifield to learn more about her stable of jets and the creature comforts her clientele has become accustomed to.

Elite describes itself as “a woman-owned global premier private jet company.” What led you to the helm of the company?
: I acquired Elite Aviation out of my own personal need to not be sitting in airports. Many of the people that I transport are in media and entertainment—Fortune 500 people whose time is at a premium. I found myself in that same situation. I got to a point where sitting in an airport was a waste of my time and a waste of money. I had the opportunity of buying Elite Aviation and thought, I can be really good at this, because all I need to do is treat everybody the way I want to be treated!

There are a lot of private jet and private charter companies out there. How does Elite stand out?
The first thing [...] is that I am the president and CEO, and I'm also the client. I have not been on a commercial aircraft for 15 years. So, because I have flown all of my competitors and I am also a successful business person, I know exactly what not to do. The other component that makes us very different is obviously Elite Attaché, and our meticulous attention to detail.

Tell us about service on the planes.
The service on the plane would be comparable to sitting in the lounge of a five-star hotel. My aircrafts are beautifully appointed with the finest leather and the finest wood finishings. Dining on my aircraft would be like dining at a five-star restaurant. I can get you any kind of food you want.

What's next on the horizon for Elite?
I'm in the process of negotiations to expand abroad, and I'm in the process of negotiations to expand to Long Beach. We would cover all of Orange County and California.

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