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February 10, 2012 | by —Joshua Estrin | People & Parties

James Tupper

According to creator Mike Kelly, ABC’s Revenge is a show about a universal emotion that “is as old as humanity—dark, dramatic, and endless.” And, if that’s not enough to endear you, the show is set in the Hamptons and stars the very sexy James Tupper.

Did you expect Revenge to be such a hit?
The pilot had already been produced with another actor in the role of David Clarke. Something came up that made it impossible for him to continue with the project so I was given the opportunity to take a look. I loved it. It was smart, daring, and it had all the ingredients for good television.

David embodies “revenge.” Are there any similarities between yourself and your character?
I want to be very careful in my answer, as I don’t want anyone to construe that I am some kind of psychopath. But, David lost the love of his life and whether we admit it or not, revenge is a very human response. We can place judgment on it or we can simply admit that, for many, when we are hurt, we secretly want to hurt back. I can understand David’s desire for revenge.

What’s your reaction to being called one of TVs sexiest stars?
JT: I am not 25 anymore, not even close. So if people still consider me ‘sexy,’ well, I would be a fool not to embrace it.

Is it true that you lived on a coffee farm in Africa and learned to speak Swahili?
It is true. I lived with a family in East Africa. I was 19 and I guess I felt I had to walk all over creation only to find that people are people wherever you go. I also fell in love with soccer, but the team wore horrible shorts that left nothing to the imagination.

What is the greatest misconception about you?
Well not to harp on the ‘sexy thing,’ but I am often cast as a leading man. And don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it and I am grateful, but, to be honest, I really feel like a character actor.

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