LA-Based Jewelry Brand With Bali Inspirations

April 25, 2012 | by —Michelle Ward | Homepage

Jewelry designer Elizabeth Rosselle of Rosselle Designs gives LA a taste of Bali with a travel-inspired collection now available exclusively at Fred Segal Rocks & Silk. Motivated by her numerous trips to Bali (where she recently spent six months gathering materials for her latest collection), the California native designed pieces to reflect the country’s deep Hindu history. “I’ve been traveling to Bali for many years now and have always been enamored by the rich culture and spirituality on the island,” said Rosselle. “It was important for me to incorporate these influences thoughout my designs.”

Handcrafted by skilled local artisans in Bali, the predominantly unisex accessories include delicate beaded (non-denominational and multi-faith) rosaries in turquoise and lava rock, black suede Namaste wrap bracelets, and skull necklaces made with buffalo horn. Also prevalent in the line are ancient Balinese offering coins. Selected by Rosselle in the finest quality, the coins represent “Panca Datu,” the five gods of Bali thought to bring success and power. In keeping with Balinese tradition, Rosselle also had the entire line blessed by a Bali priest, which is believed to be a symbol of good luck and good karma.

Although her design aesthetic centers around the Far East, Rosselle didn’t forget to include her California roots. “My pieces have a very rock-and-roll vibe with lots of leather, funky stars and shapes, and oxidized silver,” she said. “These influences definitely grew out of LA-based trends—I’ll always be a California girl at heart.”

To further show her passion for the Indonesian island, proceeds from Rosselle’s sales will benefit the Yakeba Foundation, an organization that supports those affected by AIDS/HIV, alcohol, and drugs. 500 Broadway, Santa Monica, 310-394-8186; (collection retails from $200-$300)

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