Chef Chat: Todd English Writes the Book

January 27, 2012 | by —Joshua Estrin | Food & Drink News

Since opening his first restaurant in 1989, Todd English has become quite the chef and quite the catch. We shared a few moments with English and found that, in addition to his good looks and culinary chops, he’s also very funny.    

To what do you attribute the rise of food entertainment television?
Food is edible entertainment. It is a show for the mouth and a mini staycation for the palette. Food is mysterious, as it is often a collection of exotic flavors that have the ability to evoke a very real emotional/psychological adventure.

What are your guilty pleasures when it comes to food?
I enjoy good food but, like everyone, I also appreciate the power of peanut M&M’s, In-N-Out burgers and chocolate chip cookies. And while I am revealing my inner foodie secrets, the cookies don’t always make it to the oven as I have a slight weakness for [raw] cookie dough.


Tell us about your new book, Cooking In Every Day English: The ABC’s Of Great Flavor At Home?
TE: It’s for those people who may never have set foot in the kitchen, as well as those who know their way around the pantry. It is about taking common ingredients and elevating them to the remarkable without feeling as if you have to be a trained chef to do so. I also feel a responsibility to address the need for cooking healthy meals. I spice things up—literally—and offer flavor without all the fat.

What is the greatest misconception about you?
  Sometimes I feel people think I am unapproachable and it is really quite the opposite. I enjoy hearing stories from the kitchen, as it allows me to be both teacher and student.

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