Rochelle Gores Fredston—pictured above in her living room—has a selective eye, one that can sift through the mundane and mediocre and find the genuinely special and exceptional. Her store, Arcade Boutique—located on Melrose and La Cienega—specializes in stocking hard-to-find sophisticated designers like Doo.Ri and Preen and presenting them in an elegant, well appointed setting.

It’s only natural then that Gores Fredston’s Beverly Hills home is as carefully curated as her boutique and displays her unique way of living in a luxurious yet understated way. “The interior of my home is young, modern and comfortable—but not in a sleek way,” says Gores Fredston. “It is very important for me to have a home that is inviting.” Raised and educated in Michigan (she has a degree in textile and apparel merchandising from Western Michigan University), Gores Fredston spent three years in New York City, where she worked for the ultrahip clothing store Scoop NYC. But after three years in Manhattan, she and her husband, David Fredston, heard LA calling:

“New York was too saturated,” she says. “LA has excitement and energy. When I began decorating my home here, I wanted to bring in all of the colors I see—the palm trees, the sky. I live 10 minutes from my store, and it’s a gorgeous drive.” To assist with bringing nature inside, Gores Fredston enlisted the help of venerable local interior designer Joan Behnke, best known for her knowledge and clever restoration of historic California homes. Behnke succeeded at strategically adding punch and excitement to Gores Fredston’s home. The rooms begin with a neutral, calming foundation—a cool-brown carpet (custom-made by Decorative Carpets) in David’s office, light-beige master-bathroom walls and sheer drapery—all of which set the stage for the home’s more playful signature touches and details. For instance, in both bedrooms festive accents add a jolt of life into calm, well-ordered spaces that otherwise might be too monastic. In the master bedroom, it’s a headboard upholstered in a vibrant green-blue Donghia fabric.

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