Despite being an internationally recognized actress with roles in top-grossing films like The Holiday, My Best Friend’s Wedding, There’s Something About Mary, Charlie’s Angels, and Being John Malkovich, Cameron Diaz has a few surprises to share, including a passion for watches. The actress recently joined up with TAG Heuer as the face of the brand’s newest Link Lady timepiece collection.

And the pairing couldn’t be more natural: “I’ve worn watches on and off throughout my life,” Diaz says. “The first watch I ever bought myself was a TAG Heuer dive watch, which I actually used for diving. It was my prized possession, and I wore it for years as a fashion statement, as well as for the utility of it.”

As such, when TAG Heuer approached Diaz to participate in its new Link Lady campaign, she was no stranger to the brand. Additionally, she says she was drawn to the Link Lady design, which is feminine—almost like a fine bracelet—something she believes a watch should be. Diaz also appreciates that TAG Heuer thinks outside the box. “I like that they are and have always been innovators.”

Recently, while on a trip to Switzerland, where the brand announced Diaz’s relationship, she had the opportunity to visit the TAG Heuer workshops, where she says she was even more impressed by what she saw there. “To witness for myself the integrity, dedication, innovation, and passion that create the architecture of this company was really quite impactful. It gave the pride that I already felt being associated with the brand a massive infusion. I find myself not only being proud of being associated with them, but I also want to make them proud of me.”

The charitable cause that Diaz and TAG Heuer are supporting is UN Women. “TAG Heuer is also committed to philanthropic endeavors, such as assisting UN Women in accomplishing their mission to bring equality, safety, and prosperity to women all over the world. That was a huge determining factor for me, actually,” Diaz says. This cause is near and dear to her, as she feels a “responsibility to support women who are not free to pursue even the most basic goals, just because of their gender.”

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