With Miley Cyrus moving on, the crown of Disney Channel queen just may settle on the red tresses of Bella Thorne, who leads the list of successors to become the latest belle of the tween ball. Thorne’s been in front of the cameras since she was “really, really little” (her first modeling shoot was at six weeks old), and after a season as one of many in the voluminous Henrickson brood on HBO’s Big Love, she’s ready to hip-hop into young girls’ hearts as aspiring dancer CeCe Jones in the new Disney Channel series Shake It Up, which premiered last month.

It’s the culmination of a lifelong dream (keep in mind she’s only 13). “Shake It Up is really, really special for me,” says Thorne. “I’ve always loved dance, but I’d never taken it seriously. I’d never taken choreography classes; I’ve always just watched shows like So You Think You Can Dance and learned from that. Now I’ve been taking three classes a night and have been working to reach my goal of being a professional dancer.”


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